Live Business Mentoring & Learning: Website Comparison January 25, 2022, 4:30pm PST January 25, 2022, 6:00pm PST

FIRST ... We will meet in small groups based on the following topics:
Start Up Questions & Money Work
Taxes and Finances
Legal Questions
Marketing & SEO

Then ... We will discuss The Website Comparison Series is designed to help the future business owner understand the differences in web hosts. You will learn what a web host is, questions to consider based on your business needs, the pros and cons for each web host and the differences between ecommerce sites and service based sites. Each class will have a minimum of two presenters walking you through how they use the web host. The information provided is based on each presenter's experience with their website on a specific web host.

Note. There will also be opportunities during the workshop to meet 1:1 with a Mentor based on availability.

About the Presenter(s)

Kim Kat Shepherd

Experienced professional trainer and entrepreneur. Outstanding record in designing and delivering innovative individual and corporate training programs that are practical and cost-effective in increasing revenue, improving efficiency, customer satisfaction, and employee motivation. Experienced in developing and/or improving business and technical skills in the areas of business, management,...

Darlene Hawley

Hi, I'm Darlene Hawley a Brand Business Clarity Coach and the founder of I'm a mother, wife, connector, storyteller, and dream builder. I help ambitious, heart-centered entrepreneurs who are struggling with building a successful personal brand and business. They're afraid to share their unique life story but know they need to stand out if they want to build an authentic and...

Live Business Mentoring & Learning: Website Comparison