LIVE MENTORING AND LEARNING: Media Kits March 22, 2022, 4:30pm PDT March 22, 2022, 6:00pm PDT

We will be engaging in both Mentoring and Learning with this Combo Event!

Dive in this workshop and begin to create a digital media kit that is designed to connect with Influencers who are not competitors but have the same target audience as you do. Work smarter not harder and learn how to reach pools of target customers. Get word of your business out about your business. A media kit is a document that tells potential advertisers and public relations people what your business is about. It details your business, the history of the business, basic statistics of the organization, and information about your target audience.t to work with and where to find them you'll be able to start attracting clients and grow your brand and business.

You will Learn:
Major training objectives:
• How to create a media kit that is specifically designed for your targeted audience
• How to target audiences that have up to 60% higher engagement rates
• Tools used create alliance partners the spread your marketing messages
• Learn 10 essential Media Kit Components

About the Presenter(s)

Brittany Armstrong

I am currently being mentored by a score volunteer and it has transformed my life. I’m hoping to utilize what I’ve learned to transform another’s as well!

Kat Shepherd

Experienced professional trainer and entrepreneur. Outstanding record in designing and delivering innovative individual and corporate training programs that are practical and cost-effective in increasing revenue, improving efficiency, customer satisfaction, and employee motivation. Experienced in developing and/or improving business and technical skills in the areas of business, management,...