SoCal Speed Networking Event September 29, 2022, 1:00pm PDT September 29, 2022, 4:00pm PDT
Arlington Riverside Library
9556 Magnolia Ave
Riverside, CA, 92503

Networking – The Key to Sales Success!
Without solid networking, is it is harder to make connections. This event holds the power to increase your business circle within a short period of time. During each session, participants will meet face to face while exchanging business cards and valuable information about their business.

Come join our business networking event and cultivate a long-lasting business relationship that will allow you to:

Maximize your time by putting you in front of several companies in one setting
Do more than just pass a card - Network one on one
Expand your network and increase your circle of influence
Eliminate working with the competition
Perfect your 30-second pitch
Fun and fast paced

How It Works
With all participants seated in groups, the SPEED NETWORKING sessions will begin. During each fast-paced session, participants will be able to network face-to-face. After the end of each session, participants will quickly alternate their seating arrangements to pair up with their next networking opportunity. This process will continue until all participants have interacted with each other. In just a few minutes, participants will share business cards, history and offer new contacts with valuable information about their business. For example:

• Who do you know that might need their services?
• Who has a similar client base and might like to exchange client leads with them?
• How might each company do business with one another?
• Can you introduce them to anyone who can help them?

SoCal Speed Networking Event